Network traffic analysis

Security for Professionals

Make your network secure and reliable. MENDEL ends hidden threats in your network; from unknown devices to advanced attacks, it shines a light into unseen places.


Current network security tools leave networks vulnerable because of a lack of detection for advanced threats, lack of visibility, and a lack of integration. This means threats hide in the network, infected devices and misconfigurations go unnoticed, and analysts must switch between different platforms to stop attacks when they are finally detected.

MENDEL, the network traffic analysis solution from GREYCORTEX combines advanced detection techniques with full network visibility and integrations with security infrastructure tools to detect threats, visualize communications, and respond quickly and effectively. This includes advanced and unknown threats which are able to bypass existing security tools. MENDEL helps secure your network, protecting data, reducing risk, and maintaining safety.

Advanced Threat Detection

More Effective Threat Detection

GREYCORTEX designed our MENDEL network traffic analysis solution to provide security for professionals. This means MENDEL combines advanced analytical detection techniques with signature-based detection, as well as threat intelligence data, and correlation analysis to detect threats quickly and accurately, so you can defend the network. 

Deep Network Visibility

Very Communication, Every Device, Network-Wide

Many network security tools don’t show you what’s hiding in your network. Either they rely on one statistically-focused protocol like NetFlow, they require advanced profiling of a specific section of the network, or they don’t permit real-time access to communications data. MENDEL offers security teams the information they need to easily find exactly what devices are in the network, and their communications, in real time. This also allows easy root-cause analysis, faster threat hunting, and effective network troubleshooting.

Robust Response

When Threats Attack, Fight Back

GREYCORTEX knows that when attacks happen, valuable data can be lost through minor delays. Changing from one platform to another while trying to respond to an attack, or conduct any sort of incident management or forensics can be a recipe for inaccuracy, frustration, and disaster. MENDEL integrates with security tools already in your network so you can respond to attacks, conduct investigations, and manage incidents from a single interface.

Network Monitoring Under Your Control

The Ideal Approach For SCADA Environments

MEDNEL passively monitors SCADA network traffic, providing deep visibility, discovering all connected devices and identifying newly appeared and previously active devices or services. MENDEL helps to detect known threats, anomalous behaviors, and misconfigurations –  including SCADA-specific threats – to protect your industrial network from operational disruption.


Visualization, not disruption

The ability to know what is connected to the network is just as important in SCADA networks as it is in IT networks. MENDEL identifies all IP-connected devices in the network, including their communications within the network, and even their states – like “time” or speed. This means you can identify misconfigurations, or even if a technician connects to the network for maintenance, or if a turbine is moving faster or slower than it should be.


Join Security and Safety in One

Connected networks mean IT and SCADA [security analysts] [network administrators] must work together, often in unfamiliar devices, environments, and communications. MENDEL allows teams to monitor and visualize both IT and SCADA networks from a single interface, while combining the advanced detection that IT security teams want, with the passive approach that SCADA network administrators demand.

Make your network secure and reliable

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"Since its deployment in November, 2016, GREYCORTEX helped us immensely. We were able to fi nd security policy breaches and performance problems, and link these to problems experienced by users that previous tools had not seen. We could see attacks as they were developing and take action. We have really strengthened our security posture and are very happy with the results"

Josef Staša
IT Operations Manager

“We knew we wanted to improve our security, and are very lucky to have found MENDEL. We are much more secure, and can do the work of three people, and all in-house. If something goes wrong somehow, we can easily use MENDEL to find out where the device is, and take the actions we need to. We’re very happy to have it.”

Richard Tůma
IT Manager

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GREYCORTEX is a highly competitive product with a clear value that exceeds customer expectations. Our SATISFIED customers and partners are our best reference.

Become a Partner

GREYCORTEX is a highly competitive product with a clear value that exceeds customer expectations. Our SATISFIED customers and partners are our best reference.

What's hiding in your network

MENDEL ends hidden threats in your network; from unknown devices to advanced attacks, it shines a light into unseen places.