Eliminate Network Uncertainty

Common IT network security infrastructure has gaps in coverage between different tools, and lacks sufficient device visibility to accurately identify devices communicating in the network. These vulnerabilities are increasingly exploited by malicious actors.

Detect advanced attacks like APTs and zero-days and maintain security when outside devices use the network.

Maintain security across administrative departments, including those with critical infrastructure.

Detect advanced threats like ransomware, APTs, targeted attacks, and disgruntled employees.

Monitor distributed data centers and networks from one location.

Identify threats across all devices, including IoT sensors in lab environments

Help maintain compliance with GDPR and other personal data and financial regulations

Visualize all devices, including connected medical tools and external devices from visitors.

Protect your network from known threats causing production or service blackout/suspension.

For Any Industry:

SCADA networks are increasingly digitized, but lack the necessary visibility into their stability and control.

GREYCORTEX solves these problems.

Make your network secure and reliable

Read what customers say about us

"Since its deployment in November, 2016, GREYCORTEX helped us immensely. We were able to fi nd security policy breaches and performance problems, and link these to problems experienced by users that previous tools had not seen. We could see attacks as they were developing and take action. We have really strengthened our security posture and are very happy with the results"

Josef Staša
IT Operations Manager

“We knew we wanted to improve our security, and are very lucky to have found MENDEL. We are much more secure, and can do the work of three people, and all in-house. If something goes wrong somehow, we can easily use MENDEL to find out where the device is, and take the actions we need to. We’re very happy to have it.”

Richard Tůma
IT Manager